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NEW YEAR’S TRIVIA: THINGS THAT START WITH THE LETTER A - Alert Notifications, Adopt-A-Hydrant, Ash Cans

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Are you ready for the New Year? What are some things you can do to be more prepared for what life may bring?

Things like:

Alert Notifications – are you registered?

Knowing that you are prepared for an emergency can help you and your family stay calm, act effectively, and save lives. Work together. Learn about risks. Communicate. Stay informed and register for alert notifications in your county. Also prepare an emergency kit and make an evacuation plan.

Follow the links below to register for alert notifications in your county:



Winter storms are brewing! The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District has over 1000 fire hydrants within our fire district. By Adopting A Hydrant closest to your home or business and keeping it clear of snow and debris you can help to make our community safer. We appreciate the members of our community who already maintain hydrants in their neighborhood and encourage everyone to participate. Please complete the Adopt-A-Hydrant form, attach a photo of your cleared hydrant and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a special gift!

  • Keeping your fire hydrant clear allows firefighters to quickly find the hydrant when on scene and access it easily.
  • Quick access to water means more time doing what really matters — fighting the fire.
  • Minutes matter in these situations.
  • Also, you are not just helping yourself and your household, you are additionally helping your neighbors.

Ash Cans & Fireplace Safety:

  • Check and clean the fireplace and chimney every year.
  • Always put logs and newspapers on a grate inside the fireplace and use a fireplace screen.
  • Please do not use gasoline, lighter fluid, or kerosene to start a fire and make sure the fire you build “fits” your fireplace (use an appropriate amount of newspaper and logs).
  • Place completely cooled ashes in a metal container. Keep metal containers outside away from the house in a safe place. Add water to the ashes before discarding them.


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