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Knox Box Information

How does having fire department access into my home benefit me as a homeowner?

A Knox Box protects your property from forced entry damage during fire and medical emergencies as well as alarm activations. The Knox Box system is UL listed and used by over 8,500 fire departments nationwide.

Fire department access allows rapid entry to render emergency care in the event you are unable to get to the door because of sickness or injury. It also allows fire personnel damage-free entry into your home to investigate fire alarm activation while you are away. Fire department access allows entry to investigate pipe breaks resulting in water damage while you are not home and allows for quicker preparation in an emergency.

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Once you receive your Knox Box, mount it near the front door of your residence. Call the fire district 775-831-0351, ext 0 and we’ll send a fire district representative to secure your key(s) in the lockbox.