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Fire Protection Systems

Per the adopted Fire Code, all fire protection systems are required to be inspected, tested, and maintained following National Fire Protection Association Standards. Per Nevada State Fire Marshal, this must be done by a company and technician licensed by the Nevada State Fire Marshal. 

To see an updated list of licensed fire protection companies, please visit the Nevada State Fire Marshal's licensing division here

In addition, the Fire District requires fire protection service reports to be submitted to the Fire District to ensure compliance. Service reports must be submitted to the District’s third party provider, The Compliance Engine. 

If you are a fire protection service provider and need to submit a service report, please reach out to For further information, please reach out to the Fire Inspector at 775-833-8107

  1. Fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems shall be annually serviced.  
  1. Private fire hydrants shall be serviced annually
  1. Hood suppression systems shall be bi-annually serviced. 
  1. Commercial exhaust hoods shall be serviced 1-12 months 
    • Please review the adopted Fire Code or reach out to the Fire Inspector to verify required servicing schedule. 
  1. Fire extinguishers shall be serviced annually
  1. Fire pumps shall be serviced annually. 
    • Please review the appropriate NFPA standard for specific inspection frequencies. 
  1. Clean agent suppression systems shall be serviced annually.