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You may now schedule a Fire Inspector online. If you have general questions regarding a project or fire requirements for a certain occupancy and/or operation, please call the Fire Inspector at 775-833-8107.

Required to schedule a Fire Inspector online:

  • Washoe County permit number (WBLD or WSTR) or a North Lake Tahoe FPD permit number.
  • A property representative must be present during the scheduled inspection.

Please note cancelations without notifying the inspector or updating the online scheduler may result in additional fees.


If there is an emergency, please call 911. For general complaints, please contact Washoe County Code Enforcement. For general concerns about fire or life safety, please contact the Fire Inspector at 775-833-8107.


Fire inspections are required for numerous reasons in Incline Village and Crystal Bay. Inspections may be required for Washoe County Business Licenses, Washoe County Building Permits, and/or for special occupancies, operations, and events.

Fire requirements are adopted from the International Fire Code, which provides general fire protection requirements for occupancies, building equipment and design, special occupancies and operations, and hazardous materials. Requirements are also based on the International Wildland Urban-Interface Code, which are fire protection requirements for rural type areas, such as vegetation management and ignition-resistant construction.

Construction Related Fire Inspections

Projects that have been submitted to Washoe County may require a fire inspection. These inspections are typically assigned Washoe County Building and/or Utility permits. Inspections can range from a site inspection for a Hot Work Permit, a Fire Protection System, or to secure a Knox Box,for example. The District may also require special fire inspections at certain milestones during a construction project. Please review the Washoe County or District permit to see your required fire inspections.Defensible space inspections will also be assigned to many Washoe County permits.

Washoe County Business License

Businesses pursuing a business license from Washoe County will be required to have a fire inspection. These general fire and life safety requirements will vary per occupancy (assembly, business, utility, etc.). The occupancy applying for the business license must comply with the Fire District before signing off on the Washoe County Business License application.

Special Events and Operational Permits

Many special events and operations that are within Incline Village and Crystal Bay may require a Fire District Operational Permit.

Special events, such as fairs, carnivals, exhibits, tradeshows, or outdoor assembly events, will typically require a fire review and site inspection from the Fire District. Please see the Special Events pageor the Plans and Permit pageto apply for a special event permit.

Special operations and occupancies will require an operational permit from the Fire District. Special occupancies can be places of assembly, high-piled storages, repair garages, and/or motor fuel-dispensing facilities. Special operations can also be floor finishing, operating a food truck, spraying, dipping, welding, cutting, or torching. 

All operations and special events required to be permitted by the Fire District can be found in the adopted Fire Code.

Short Term Rentals

Property owners are typically required to have fire inspections as part of their Short-Term Rental application with Washoe County. Please review this page to learn more.