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30th ANNUAL BEST IN BASIN AWARDS – NV ENERGY RESILIENT CORRIDOR 4100 PROJECT Best Defensible Space and Forest Health Project


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NV Energy and the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District are honored to receive the 2022 “Best In the Basin” Award for “Best Defensible Space and Forest Health” and thank the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board for this distinction. It is through the collaboration of our private, state, and local agencies that projects such as this become a reality. It is supported by the Lake Tahoe Basin’s Multi-Jurisdictional Fuel Reduction and Wildfire Prevention Strategy, a collaborative plan that provides a framework to treat hazardous fuels and restore and maintain fire resilient landscapes, creating a fuel break or a Potential Control Line (PCL) in the Tahoe Basin.

The 4100 East Shore NVE Resilient Corridor Project is divided into six segments and is approximately 3 miles long. The first two segments have been completed, totaling 37 acres of hand thinning and piling. The treatment includes work in NV Energy’s right-of-way and extends out 175 feet each side of the NV Energy powerline. The treatment consisted of the removal of all vegetation around power poles. In addition, unhealthy, overcrowded, and hazardous trees were also cut and piled. This fuel break will eventually connect to other treatments reaching as far as the Douglas County line.

It is through teamwork and partnerships that our forest management programs have progressed to where they are today. We can achieve more together than individually.

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